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Holistic, Organic, Custom-Blended Treatments Designed for You
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Luxurious Custom-Blended Organic Facial

75 minutes: $115 (Series of Three: $300) **New Client Special $99
Rejuvenating, relaxing and restorative. Each luxurious treatment includes deep-steam cleanse, collagen-stimulating vacuum, warm herbal compresses, extractions, natural enzyme exfoliation and custom-blended organic, phyto-nutrient rich masks for your skin's specific needs. Ultrasonic, high-frequency, and micro-current are used to help lift the skin and penetrate liposome treatment serums and elixirs. Soothing, stress-reducing massage on your neck, shoulders and scalp leave you relaxed and refreshed. Your treatments evolve as your skin improves with each facial.

ReZENerate Facial Treatment with Stem-Cell Serums

60 minutes: $125 (Series of Four: $450)(Series of Six: $650)
This treatment helps restore and regenerate your skin on a cellular level, reducing signs of aging, blemishes, sunspots and other skin issues. The ReZENerate Wand uses nano-technology to deliver Stem-cell serums and custom organic serums to the edge of the dermal layer giving your skin exactly what it needs for a beautiful, clear complexion. The facial includes a Deep cleanse, Ultrasonic Peel, Custom Enzyme Mask with steam, targeted serums, Custom Organic Restorative Mask with LED and Finishing touches. *Non-invasive alternative to MicroNeedling. No downtime, intense redness or peeling. Your skin will be glowing!
ADD: ReZENerate Neck Treatment $40
ADD: ReZENerate Decollete Treatment $35

Acne-Clearing/Healing Facial

60 minutes: $105 (Series of Three: $275)
Facial cleansing, mineral detoxifying mask, extractions, and organic salicylic acid or enzyme treatment. Application of treatment serums penetrated with ultrasound, high-frequency, micro-current and/or blue LED lights. Light massage with natural healing products customized for your skin. Simple lifestyle/diet change suggestions. Six weekly treatments recommended for maximum results.

Oxygen Infusion Pure O2 Treatment with Celluma LED

60 minutes: $105 (Series of Six: $525) ADD 15 minute Oxygen Infusion to any treatment: $30
This refreshing treatment targets specific skin conditions to restore balance, even tone and texture, energize cellular metabolism, and restore vitality to your complexion. A steamy custom enzyme mask and ultrasonic peel prepare your skin for a stimulating Oxygen Infusion with amino acids and peptides. Brightening, Antibacterial (Acne), Sensitive or Anti-Aging with A-C-E complex is applied and massaged in, then activated into pure oxygen for amazing results. Fifteen minutes of FDA-approved LED further targets fine lines, pigmentation, sensitivities or acne. Organic serums and a customized mask round out this results-driven treatment. Your skin will feel energized, smoother, balanced and rejuvenated. I recommend 3 twice-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Facial Rejuvenation with Micro-Current & Light Therapy ("Non-Surgical Facelift")

60 min: $110 (series of 10: $945) **New Client Special $95 (applied toward series of 10)
Holistic, non-invasive and high tech! MicroLight Therapy, using MicroCurrent and Colored Light, works in harmony with natural body processes to promote a sense of well-being and a healthy, youthful appearance. MicroLight Therapy firms and tones the skin, encourages collagen production, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, diminishes blemishes and breakouts, and minimizes puffiness. Gem-Essence infused organic products, warm compresses, electro-massage, color, light and micro-current result in a relaxing, rejuvenating, and body-balancing treatment.

Watch a MicroLight Therapy treatment.
Click here for detailed information on MicroLight Therapy from Vibrational Beauty.

ReZENerate and MicroCurrent Facial Treatments with Stem Cell Serums

80 minutes: $169 (Series of Four: $620) (Series of Six: $950)
Increase results with the best of two powerful treatments in one luxurious facial.Your skin will be uplifted and glowing!

RF Skin Tightening Treatment

60 minutes: $115 (series of 6, 2-3 weeks apart $575) - or add to any facial treatment, $40 (15 minutes)
Radiofrequency (RF) is a non-invasive treatment that uses heat energy (adjusted for your comfort level)to prompt collagen and elastin production, resulting in firmer, tighter, and smoother skin. This soothing treatment includes a steamy double cleanse with Ultrasonic peel, custom Enzyme Mask to address your concerns, targeted serums, custom Organic Moisturizer and CBD Lip Gloss to finish. Results continue over time as your body produces more collagen. No redness or downtime!

Baikal Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion

75 minutes: $225 (series of 3, $650)
This is an excellent treatment for improving skin texture, brightening, promoting collagen and elastin, and easing fine lines, mild acne and scarring. You will notice a visible improvement following your first treatment. Starting with a steamy cleanse and enzyme mask, lymphatic drainage vacuum, and extractions/detoxification, your skin will be treated with a specific blend of organic micro-crystals (spicules) from sustainably-harvested Lake Baikal LUBOMIRSKIA sponges. These spicules penetrate into your skin and create microchannels, firming and nourishing your complexion for 2-4 days before being naturally expelled. Organic serums and masks, facial massage, low-level Laser Gua Sha, and luscious Baikal Balm with Micro-Current Lifting Wands complete the rejuvenating treatment. (you may experience some mild redness, flaking, dryness and/or mild peeling for 1-4 days). I recommend 3 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart, for maximum results.

DermaPlane Facial

60 minutes:$110 Add DERMAPLANE to any facial: $50
Dermaplaning uses a very fine ( 10 gauge) medical grade scalpel to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz (vellus hair*) and deeply exfoliates your skin, leaving your complexion smoother, brighter, fuzz-free and refreshed. A steamy cleanse with ultrasonic peel begins the treatment. Extractions will clear clogged pores. Customized serums and a hydrating mask are infused with High Frequency to oxygenate and sanitize your skin. Luscious moisturizer, sunscreen and hydrating mist finish the treatment. *Vellus facial hair is not the same type of hair as on other areas of the body. Vellus hair is fine, translucent and grows back unaltered.

Lighten and Brighten Facial Treatment

60 minutes: $105 (Series of six: $525)
Customized Treatment targeting hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring, and uneven skin tone. Mandelic, Fulvic and Lactic acids combined with micro-dermabrasion, ultrasound and LED leaves you looking bright and rejuvenated without trauma to the skin. No downtime, intense redness or peeling. Series recommeded for maximum results.

Men’s Distinguished Facial

55 minutes: $89 (Series of 3: $240) **New Client Special $79
Specific skincare needs for men. Custom blended organic ingredients, fresh masks and Distinguished Organic Skin Care Collection for men by Elina Organics. Cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, massage of face, neck and shoulders included. Finished with Distinguished Face and Eye Creams.

Feed Your Skin...
“Flavor of the Month” Treatment

Length and price vary. Click here or call 619-709-0237 for this month’s Flavor Special.

Citrus Refresher with Micro-Dermabrasion and Facial Cupping

60 minutes: $105
This refreshing facial will exfoliate, brighten, reduce puffiness and relieve surface signs of aging. Relax under steam while aromatic Citrus Enzymes brighten, soften and exfoliate your skin. Light Diamond-Dermabrasion helps polish and ease fine lines. Organic Ascorbyl Palmitate with Vitamin C Elixir is infused with micro-current to promote cell renewal and free-radical repair. Gentle Facial Cupping Massage with Organic Peptide Mask relaxes face muscles, stimulates lymph drainage to reduce puffiness, tightens pores, and boosts circulation to give you a glowing, smooth complexion. Ruby Lip Elixir, Anti-Wrinkle Liposome Moisturizer and Hydrating Mist finish your rejuvenation.

Organic Probiotic Facial Treatment

60 minutes: $105
A balancing treatment to nourish and restore your skin. Beneficial for all complexions and especially for compromised and problem skin. Warm towels and a steamy cleanse prepare you for an Organic Probiotic Peel massaged in with Vitamin C Repair Elixir. Lemon and grapefruit extracts are blended with a Probiotic enzyme mask and penetrated with High Frequency to oxygenate and gently exfoliate. A restorative Probiotic Mask with Acidophilus is layered with Lipo-Peptide Infusion to nourish and hydrate. Cool Jade Gemstones glide over your face to increase circulation and smooth fine lines. A delectable Probiotic Polishing Mask with sweet orange, vanilla and jasmine is applied with fingertip pressure points leaving you with glowing results.

It's All About The Neck

45 minutes: $95 (Series of six: $475)
This uplifting treatment focuses on smoothing and toning the delicate skin of the neck. An Ultrasonic Peel followed by Diamond Dermabrasion gently exfoliates the skin to ease fine lines. Passionfruit Enzymes with Kollaren Firming Peptides help firm and restore elasticity while a soothing lymphatic-drainage massage reduces puffiness under the jaw line. Organic Hyaluronic Acid is infused to increase hydration, plumping the cells.  Microcurrent and Radiofrequency stimulate collagen, tighten loose skin and lift tired neck muscles. Luscious Organic Neck Cream finishes the refreshing treatment.

Teen/Tween Custom Facial

55 minutes: $75 (Series of 3: $195) **New Client Special $65
It's never too early to begin good habits. Specific custom skincare for the adolescent and changing skin. Simple lifestyle/diet change suggestions if needed.

Crystal-Free Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment

30 minutes: $65 (Series of 6 treatments: $325)
**Can be added to herbal facial treatment: $35

This treatment includes a deep steam cleanse and an ultrasonic peel. Improves texture, evens skin tone, and reduces fine lines. Treatment serums are penetrated with ultrasonic for plumping the cells. Customized moisturizer finishes the treatment. Series is recommended for maximum results.

Celluma LED Therapy

ACNE: 35 Minutes; $58; (Package of 6 Treatments-$290)
This safe, specialized (FDA approved) light emitting diode (LED) device treats inflammatory acne vulgaris. Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA, the Celluma triggers a cascade of metabolic process which restores compromised cellular function, creating a path to revitalized skin health. This treatment includes cleansing, ultrasonic peel  and treatment serum. You will lie under the Celluma hood for 30 minutes. We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, 2 per week.
ANTI-AGING: 35 Minutes; $58; (Package of 12 Treatments-$580)
Using wavelengths (FDA approved) that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin, Celluma’s low-level light therapy is a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture, quality and smoothness. This treatment includes cleansing, ultrasonic peel  and treatment serum. We recommend 12 treatments, 2-3  per week.

Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

30 minutes; $55 (Package of 3 treatments: $150) **Can be added to herbal facial treatment: $35
This revitalizing treatment includes ultrasonic massage, microcurrent and penetration of a special blend of natural vitamins and proteins to nourish and improve, firm and tone the appearance of the eye area.    Fine lines and dark circles are reduced. Recommend 3 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Lip Treatment

30 minutes; $55 (Package of 3 treatments: $150) **Can be added to herbal facial treatment: $35
This special lip area treatment  includes microdermabrasion around the lips, succinic acid, ultrasonic massage, and penetration of natural skin nutrients to produce more collagen (ester C, retinol palmitate, silk amino acids, etc.).  Microcurrent  will stimulate the regenerative process and tighten the muscles around the lip area.  You will see the results after your first treatment!  Recommend 3 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Express Custom Organic Facial Treatment

45 minutes: $85
A relaxing, effective facial with deep steam cleanse, honey granule massage for exfoliation and nourishment, and gentle ultrasonic peel. Custom Enzyme Mask and Natural fruit AHA serum is applied to boost skin softening and elasticity. Custom-blended herbal masks for lightening and lifting are penetrated with ultrasonic spatula and LED light. Intensive Revitalization Eye Cream, invigorating scalp massage, Cappuccino Lip Balm and Ambra-Lift Skin Elixir with coenzyme Q-10, lecithin liposomes and silk amino-acids finish the rejuvenating treatment.

Back Treatment

45 minutes: $75
Dry brushing, deep-steam rotary cleanse, exfoliation and custom mask to smooth, sooth and refresh your back. Extractions if needed. Special attention to problem areas. Relaxing back massage leaves you feeling renewed.

Organic Hair/Scalp Restoring Treatment

30 minutes: $65 (Add to any facial treatment $55)
This relaxing, corrective treatment combines Scalp Massage, Laser-Photon Brush, Radiofrequency and High Frequency stimulation with a combination of organic herbal infusions and nourishing botanical serums. It helps increase circulation, deeply nourishes the roots, helps heal scalp irregularities such as dandruff, eczema and dryness, stimulates hair growth, and conditions dry and damaged hair.

GET BUFFED! Exfoliation, Hair Removal, Massage* and Body Polish all in one.

15-60 minutes: $20-$95
EXFOLIATION/HAIR REMOVAL: This body treatment uses exfoliator/hair removal pads with super-fine exfoliating crystals along with orbital oscillation to remove dead, dry skin and unwanted hair without pain. MASSAGE: The body-buffer uses random orbital oscillation to reduce muscle soreness, tension and stress. Targeted areas also benefit from increased circulation, collagen stimulation, and movement of lymph and synovial fluids. And it FEELS GREAT! (*works through clothing too) POLISH: Yummy Body Butter applied with orbital oscillation moisturizes and polishes. Your skin will GLOW! *Don’t want or need exfoliation? Choose to have just a Body Buff Massage.
The Total Buff: 1 hour/ $95 includes Feet, Legs, Back, Glutes, Arms and Decollette/Chest (Exfoliation/Hair Removal, Massage, Polish)
The Total Buff Massage Only: 40 min/$55

The Back Buff: 30 min/$48 (Exfoliation/Hair Removal, Massage, Polish)
The Back Buff Massage Only: 15 min/$20
The Leg Buff: 30 min/$48 (Exfoliation/Hair Removal, Massage, Polish)
The Foot Buff: 15 min/$20 (Exfoliation, Massage, Polish)
The Arm and Chest Buff: 30 min/$48 (Exfoliation/Hair Removal, Massage, Polish)

Warm Paraffin Dip for Hands and Feet with Soothing Hand/Foot Massage

Soothing and Relaxing Paraffin treatments ease chronic joint pain, relax stiff muscles, and improve blood flow while smoothing and softening  dry, chapped, and rough skin.  Hand and Foot Massage eases tension and tightness from daily activities.
Hands: $15 (15 minutes)
Feet: $20 (15 minutes)
Hands and Feet: $30 (20 minutes)

Facial Waxing with Gentle Wax

Removes unwanted hair from your most visible areas.
Lip: $10 Chin: $10
Brows: $15 Neck: $12
Sides of Face: $12 Under Arms: $20